Controversial Rape Cases:

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1 vijeno7th Dec 2011 12:17:10 AM from Vienna, Austria

for a subplot in a story, I would like to study a few controversial rape cases. My google searches, so far, haven't met with the hilarious success I was expecting, so I was wondering whether the good folks in here could help me out with a few pointers.

I'm not interested in a discussion on whether one specific rape actually occurred - it's not the point of that subplot either. I just want to give a realistic depiction of a heavily controversial case (lots of prejudice by press, etc.).

Thanks v
Off the top of my head (note that I'm not implying any kind of moral equivalence between the suspects in these cases)

  • Duke Lacrosse
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Scottsboro Boys
  • Satanic Ritual Abuse panic
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3 PinkHeartChainsaw7th Dec 2011 12:52:45 AM from Land of Rape and Honey
Is it really necessary to have rape in your story though? Unless you wanna make a really negative portrayal of rape or it's a main part of the black, then I wouldn't recommend having it in your story.
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I can see the Tropers from the Groundhog Day Rape thread ruining this thread too...

How about Dominique Strauss-Kahn?
5 vijeno7th Dec 2011 03:40:42 AM from Vienna, Austria
[up][up] Thanks for your concern. I will definitely write it. Whether it'll end up in the final version is yet another question of course, but I see no reason for shying away from the topic only because it is violent. Rape is a fact of life, it should be reflected in literature. I'll not write about the rape itself, btw, it's rather two protagonists discussing the trial and whether the guy is guilty etc.

And thanks for the pointers, folks.

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6 MajorTom7th Dec 2011 04:26:43 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Google the Duke University rape case. It was so prejudiced against the boys in question that there was a massive backlash against all media (and the plaintiff!) on the reporting of high profile rapes that they've all become rather subdued in reporting rape at all.

And for the record, the woman claiming to be raped in that case was found to be lying through her teeth and the University unfairly being judgmental. The boys were completely innocent in a court of law.
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7 vijeno7th Dec 2011 07:48:38 AM from Vienna, Austria
Excellent, thanks.
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