"First Person" Policy On Moments Subpages?:

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As I recall, even on the moments pages (Awesome/, Heartwarming/, Funny/, TearJerker/, NightmareFuel/, and HighOctaneNightmareFuel/), the rules against first-person anecdotes still applies. Is that still the case, or have we become a little more relaxed on that?

Earlier on, I went through all the various artist pages in the TearJerker.Music index to clean out all of that - or to reword the comments to be more general. Mlsmithca has been doing a good job keeping that stuff off of TearJerker.Classical Music, and I thought of cleaning up the other genre pages - and, of course, TearJerker.Music itself.

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Technically, yes, the Awesome X pages and their brethren should be written to remove all the first personage. In practice it's awfully difficult, because of the inherently highly subjective nature of the content.
I've tried to work on rephrasing first-person stuff when I see it there sometimes, but there's just so much of it...
Remove/reword if you can, but nobody will call you lazy if you don't feel like fixing a ton of first person examples.

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