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TL DR: My left hand hurts like hell, even my wrist is bugging me, how can I set up a one-handed keyboard layout in Windows or OSX?

Long version: Looking for some piece of (free, hopefully) software that'll let me remap the keyboard/set up chording so I can exclusively type with my right hand. I'm left handed and a student who spends most of his free time playing video games/on IRC, so I suppose this was bound to happen. I need to keep writing and typing (entering exam period, final exam is on the 18th) so I can't just lay off/go see a physiotherapist. I mainly use OSX to do homework so I would vastly prefer an OSX-based solution.

Does anyone have any ideas? I downloaded ukelele but I have no idea how to use it and it doesn't seem to have any standardized one-handed typing layout...
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Multiple options are available but all will require some serious relearning - which you may not have time to do amid study/exams.

One possibility - and I suspect it comes free with OSX as it does with Windoze - is one-handed Dvorak layout. It's apparently a remapping of the standard keyboard to one that is easier to use with one hand (both left and right versions are available).

Another is to find something in the way of keyboard mirroring software (only one I found was for left-hand use, sorry) that maps one half of the keyboard back onto the other when a specific key is pressed.

Another option is to learn how to type one-handed on a standard keyboard -

All of those options, as I said, would require some serious relearning - as would learning how to use a chorded keyboard.

It took me about four months to learn to touch-type in Dvorak layout (after years of hunting and pecking on QWERTY) and get up to my original speed - and I only managed that by changing both my home and work computer to Dvorak and forcing myself to use it. I also had a keyboard trainer program that I spent a great length of time on developing the muscle memory - as in I'd be on it between calls at work as well as running it at home.
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Clutch pedal = sidestep
I've figured out a decent layout using ukelele, which is a right-handed layout with Option as the "mirror left side onto right side" modifier. However, I can't get OSX to recognize the keyboard layout I made.

Dos anyone know, say, Terminal lines I can use to force-add keyboard layouts to OSX?
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