Writer's block on my story, is there any getting back home tropes?:

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Im writing a story set in Victorian era about a boy who gets kidnapped from his mother and home. Hes trying to escape the unfriendly captor who forces him to work in child labour. Ive come to a writer's block for the ending and was wondering if there any other similar troupes where the main character is fighting to escape and get back home?
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Is there a trope about being mysteriously imprisoned and gradually figuring out your situation as you escape?

I'm thinking of Hostel here, but I'm sure it's been done before.

And there's that famous episode of The Twilight Zone where the deformed woman is set to have corrective surgery to make her beautiful, and her attempted escape from the hospital at the climax reveals a whole bunch of stuff to the audience (but not to her, she already knew).
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To be honest, the first thing that comes to mind is Boring Return Journey—though older writers might say that the return is where you demonstrate how the main character has changed from his or her trials.

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Ill think out a way to make it non-boring, or maybe ill get him home first before facing the villain. smile

Im sure there's more tropes for this still out there too
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