Forrest Gump IN SPACE!!!:

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In the near future (somewhere within the 21st century), a genefix is designed capable of halting aging. Simultaneously praised and condemned, people rush to be among the first to test it. But the treatment can go to market a group of extremists blow up the facility in which it is being tested. The only survivor is Peter, a twelve year old child whose parents wanted him to forever remain their beloved little boy.

The story follows humanity's expansion throughout the solar system, focusing one crucial future-historical moments which Peter invariably finds himself getting mixed up in. Essentially, he is Forrest Gump IN SPACE!!!

Two questions: Are there any flaws in the concept so far, and do any of you have advice for me as to how to implement this idea in the actual writing?

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Peter's got some seriously fucked-up parents, I can tell you that. I can't imagine any parents who'd want their kid to be 12 years old forever.
I've met plenty of parents who dread the day when they'll have to deal with the hassle of teenagers, as well as those who dread the eventual empty nest syndrome they'll face when the kids move out. I figure that if given this sort of option, there'd be those who would take it.
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Surely that'd sort of shit would be illegal?

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Alright, OP, you got me. That was more impressive and interesting than I thought it'd be.

Now you need something to show us besides a high concept. High concepts are cheap. "Steampunk alternate history WWI genre deconstruction." Cool. Now I have to write it.

Likewise, "immortal(?) kid playing The Gump IN SPACE" is interesting. Now give us some prose and we can actually tell you whether it's good or not.
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