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How to make a new quotes list in the quotes wiki.:

 1 N Kgamer, Sun, 6th Nov '11 7:35:25 PM from Warren MI.
simple troper
I thought of a good quote for 'share the male pain' but when I hit the edit page button it said to put it in the quotes tab, which I don't know where it is. The only quotes thing I know of is the quotes wiki, which has the collection of all the quotes under the trope titles. Except 'share the male pain' isn't one of them. Where is the quotes list for that and if there isn't one how do I start it?
For the love of pete!
Create a wick to the quotes subpage somewhere(such as the Sandbox), follow it, click edit, add your quote and set the page type to 'subpage'(open the 'tools' folder). The quotes tab will show up automatically once the page has been created.

Courtesy wick: Quotes.Share The Male Pain
Yeah, unwritten rule number one: follow all the unwritten procedures. - Camacan
 3 N Kgamer, Sun, 6th Nov '11 8:10:42 PM from Warren MI.
simple troper
Unfortunately...I have no clue what a wick is...or anything else that you said for that matter...I only really know how to use the edit page button, i'm not very tech savvy.
For the love of pete!
 4 Nohbody, Sun, 6th Nov '11 8:44:27 PM from Somewhere in Dixie Relationship Status: Mu
Just zis guy
^ Perhaps you might want to take a stroll through Welcome to TV Tropes. smile

It may not answer everything, but it'll at least give you something of a starting point.

edited 6th Nov '11 8:46:35 PM by Nohbody

simple troper
Got it started it up and set it as a subpage...don't think I have it indexed though. Ah well at least I worked it.
For the love of pete!
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