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I am doing a short 5 paragraph essay comparing and contrasting American comics and Japanese comics. Would any of you guys like to critique it? The audience for this isn't very familiar with the topic, so I'm not trying to use obscure references or be inside. I am not really looking for a critique of the analysis, just the paper in general. I already know there is some issues and I plan on revising it.

It can be found here: Thanks

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Superheroes like Superman and comic strip characters like Charlie Brown define comics for many Americans who are not comic fanatics. Even so, recently comics from Japan have started to gain popularity with American fans.

This seems rather...not together. Like two unrelated sentences. I had to read it twice to realize the connection. It's there, just not well.

Many American fans like both Japanese and American comics, but they are not the same. Japanese comics and American comics have some similarities, but are otherwise very different in artwork, story, and their influence outside of comics.

This is also awkwardly worded. It also seems kinda middle school-ish.

"While American fans of comics will read both American and Japanese comics interchangeably for the similar [insert common goal here], there are in fact many different elements that distinguish the comic books and "manga".

Also, is this for school? You need a thesis statement if it is.

You need examples. Otherwise you're throwing words against the wall.

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Hey, thanks for the critique. This is for school (college). The middle school-ish sentence was supposed to be my thesis statement. I will try to add some examples.
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Oh, and you might wanna try and make the other paragraphs similar sizes. The first and second body paragraphs, while different sizes, are still fairly close. The third body paragraph seems kind of small, which doesn't leave a good image. That might be stupid OCD talk, though.

You have a good structure though. Lots of information. The only thing I can think of is maybe explain the importance of those differences...maybe.

Oh, and try not to overload with examples. Stick with ones that are good representatives of the whole, and use them when possible.

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The whole paper is awkward and stilted. It reads like a first draft. I suggest going back and organizing your thoughts and group them in a more natural narrative.
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Thanks for the critique, it is a first draft.
I have redone the paper, if you're interested I'd appreciate a critique. Thanks :).
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