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Kaiden: Maybe. They don't look too hostile.
Shepard : And there not yelling T'soni!
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Kaiden: ...Point. I dunno. Approach them? Talk?

Hope you don't go all "Miss PMS" if they say something you don't like?
Shepard : Oh come on, the last guy deserved a pistolwhip.
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Kaiden: You pistol whipped a water salesman! On a desert planet!
Shepard : He was trying to scam a quarian!
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Kaiden: The Quarian was stupid!
Shepard : That makes it worse!
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Kaiden: Okay, that doesn't excuse the guy you pushed out a window!
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Young Kisara
(Jeff is confused by Kaiden and Shepard's argument.)

Jeff: Uhh... Any reason for arguing? By the way, I am a Goomba who's just piloting this nifty suit of armor.
Shepard : I warned him he needed to talk.
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Lights, Camera, Action!
Shroud: "....." *He shrugs*
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Kaiden: You. Pushed. Him. Out. A. Window. Fuck, I think even Legion was disturbed by that one.
Shepard : I could have sworn legion said something along the lines of. "We believe that improved execution efficiency by 20%, no ammo was expended"
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Kaiden: That's basically Legion-speak for "I'm too terrified to say anything." Christ, between you pushing people out of windows and a certain pilot basically having vid-sex with the ship...
Shepard : Its official, our crew is strange.
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Kaiden: Commander, you just now noticed?!
Shepard : Yea....
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Kaiden: Oh, god. They hired a blind girl to be a Spectre. tongue
Shepard : I am payed to shoot things, not be a psychologist like Kelly...
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Kaiden: I still have not forgiven Kelly for bringing that weird alien STD onto the ship.
Shepard : IT CAME FROM VERRAN! VERAN! That girl.... took xenophile to a new extreme.
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Kaiden: There are certain images that make me want to put a bullet in my head. That is one of them.
Shepard : Part of me thinks it would be so much easier to explain had it come from grunt.... but I dont think it would have spread as much then....
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Kaiden: Would it be mean to compare Kelly to the Mako?

In that everyone on board has had a ride?

Total posts: 353,444
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