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Drinking Age
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Drinking Age:

 76 drunkscriblerian, Mon, 30th May '11 10:48:36 PM from Castle Geekhaven Relationship Status: In season
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@victorinox: that's because people don't have any experience with alcohol, and vastly over-estimate the amount they "need" to drink.

I had my first drink (wine) with my parents at 13 or so. It went straight to my head, so when I got to be about 16 and was going to parties I knew to take it easy. Despite my rep as one of the biggest drinkers around these parts, and having been drinking for a decade and a half, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I've vomited from too much drinking. I know my limit, having learned it young.

Drinking ages don't set limits. They represent challenges. Take away the rule, you take away the challenge.

There's a difference between a drinker, an alcoholic and a douchebag. One drinks and likes it, one drinks because he is compelled and one drinks to prove something. I'll let you figure out which is which.
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Total posts: 76
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