How to fix a broken tag.:

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In the case that a thread gets closed and reopened, or the thread gets so old that the tag wears off, it is very easy to fix. There are two steps.

1. Go to the button to change the tag, the one that looks like this. Blank it.

2. Go back to the same tag and attach it to the original article again. Problem solved.
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To expand:

is the "tag button". To fix a tag that's been improperly linked to an article, click it and you will be taken to a page asking you to input the proper title.

The part you need to put into the tag space is the following bolded text, taken from a random example.

The Namespace (Main in this case) is only important if the page you are trying to tag is not in the Main Namespace, otherwise the software will automagically assume the page is in the Main Namespace (just like when you pothole something). Enter the tag as a wikiword, or the ptitle.

A ptitle tag is slightly different as it's going to, most likely, have a redirect code at the end of the URL, the important part is bolded below. Lament

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