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Non-lethal wounds?
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Non-lethal wounds?:

 1 Lord Iron Hat, Mon, 23rd May '11 1:20:44 PM from Up hill, both ways
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I am writing a story that includes plenty of combat and focuses on realism. Obviously a character is gonna get shot sooner or later, and I need to know how to keep the character alive in a believable and realistic way.

So how do I do that?

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 2 Major Tom, Mon, 23rd May '11 1:35:54 PM Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Easy, avoid any wound that severs a major artery. For example, have a rifle round graze the outer thigh. Not only might it sever a hamstring making mobility difficult, but it's away from the femoral artery so there's little risk of dying by blood loss in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively, have a life threatening wound but have a medic actually stop the bleeding in the field. (Either way the wounded guy will need evac'd since a wounded man is a man likely out of the fight.)
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Bullets may go through people without harming the critical bits. It's relatively frequent.

Many wounds are survivable... Perhaps most. Still, some are full-blown crippling and others, perhaps most, cause moderate disabilities.

If shrapnel shreds a big enough part of a muscle, you're gonna face long and frustrating recovery training to get your strength back, and there's no guarantee you'll regain it completely.
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 4 Philosopher, Mon, 23rd May '11 6:39:54 PM from Behind the Wall
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Wouldn't a bullet cauterize the wound?
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 5 Chubert, Mon, 23rd May '11 7:16:37 PM from California
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A bullet cannot cauterize your wound, no.
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 6 Lord Iron Hat, Tue, 24th May '11 12:17:11 PM from Up hill, both ways
Watch your head...
Alright, good. Now I have what I need.
My ideas need only make sense to me.
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