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I haven't given many of them names yet.

Tepoza: "It is one thing to know to mislead potential enemy spies lurking with in your own government and military. But it is another to deliberately make that nation hate us. For one it takes much more resources and our foreign relations with the rest of the world will not even look up to us as the paradigm of a great nation." *shows foreign news clips* "As you see one of our old enemies, has already begun a campaign convincing emigrants from our lands to turn against us. Doing these charades will only make the problem worse."

B: "Hey, don't blame me for going through with this. About a good third of the populace have written letters to the parliament, most of it was directed at me asking for the government to spite Sapphiria and her allies. All of this non-sense is due to the Vindicator's brother."

C: "Well, that weakling's news company is already half our job. Now Tepoza, my little half-metal friend, why should we conform to their standards of what is good and proper for that of country? They have sent troops to enslave us while marching under the banner of freedom!"

Tepoza: "This nation is in no state to waging war. If we go through with barbarism immediately, Siegury will be anything but the 'Land of Victory'. Of course then you get to become the barbarian king you've always read about when you were little. Look not everyone will be happy living without indoor plumbing."

C: "Hey I know the value of building codes."

Tepoza: "Then how come you don't know how to behave like nobility? At least they know not to display the head trophies to the ambassador."

C: "Why are you so submissive to the demands of those gong-bangers? You don't want to be a slave do you?"

  • The three-foot tall cyborg cocks his arm mounted shotgun and aims at the horned-giant's head*

Tepoza: "Don't you say that word."

B: "Stop it! Just stop it. C, what do you intend by making my voters ask me to shift the balance of power in the balance to only a few mainly to me?"

C: "You want to know why? This media government project will strike fear and hate into our enemies. We will become everything they despise. Where they see themselves as the great city on the hill, we will become the marauders of the plains. They can obey their stupid laws of war, we will mutilate our fallen enemies' bodies and burn down their halls of law and worship!"

B: "C, such a policy is foolish. We certainly can't invade our neighbors and we can't sack Rubia no matter how much we want that president to be executed. But seeing how several candidates for the upcoming election vowed to make this come true for a few extra votes, I'll agreed to keep this plan under my control and only seek to intimidate, but not harm. Okay?"

C; "Hmph, so Tepoza, the prime minister has made a compromise in my favor. What do you do now?"

Tepoza: "Fine, you want Sapphiria to hate us, then let me tell you how I would approach this. We must control the flow of information. We will need to to make it seem to outsiders that we censor incoming media, when it is in fact we must censor information leaving this country. We can stage false protests and have foreign reporters pick up on them. Give them fake documents that supposedly show a variety of tyrannical laws. Finally, photos of a really good actor covered in stage blood."

C: "Can you believe that? Control of information and I thought you wanted to be resourceful. Just make a portion of the budget for monthly military parades and let me and my company decorate the capitol and military vehicles. Nothing says 'Fear me' like blood soaked steel spikes and animal horns."

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