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I didn't think I'd find such a dedicated community for a game like...:

 1 Nimitz, Tue, 17th May '11 11:49:11 AM from Netherlands Antilles
...Freespace. The original game was awesome enough, but since Volition released the source code, the fans have done all sorts of crazy shit with it, like enhancing the graphics and the AI to the point where it could be mistaken as a next gen title. There are some truly awesome campaigns out there for it, too, like Transcend, Derelict, Wings of Dawn and Blue Planet. There are even total conversions out there that change the setting. Babylon 5 is one example.

I just wanna take a moment to say god damn, I adore Blue Planet. It may be a series of mods, but I dare say that it's one of the best works of fiction I've ever seen. Never has a story played with my emotions to such a huge extent.

Feel free to discuss Freespace and the Source Code Project here.

Also, Blue Planet: War In Heaven needs voice actors. If you're interested, please, send in auditions for it!

edited 17th May '11 11:50:50 AM by Nimitz

 2 Sgt Ricko, Tue, 17th May '11 11:47:28 PM from Guam, USA Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Aww heck yeah the Freespace community is devoted. There's a reason why a bunch of tropes on this wiki occasionally mention the game even though it barely has a relation to them; a lot of the fans feel that the series got screwed over by the devs though.
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