The Most Horrifying Moments from Your Work :

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I tend to regard different things as scary from most people. I am squicked out by gory horror often, but not scared. I tend to go for some sort of metaphysical horror. The scariest thing I perhaps wrote was of a woman waking up in her house one day and seeing moving, smiling, creepy faces on the wall, that constantly watched her every movement. Worse yet, they were her own faces. Some very grotesque.

Then a doppelganger looking just like her comes and kills her using a knife.

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"All pain is a punishment, and every punishment is inflicted for love as much as for justice." — Joseph De Maistre.
one story I wrote years ago in a fantsy setting (somewhat like D&D or LOTR) involved one part set in an abandoned city which had been corrupted by hellish powers with things such as possessed buildings, walls that moved, animated furniture and statues, buildings and trees that ate people, combined with a horde of possessed corpses that were fused together in grotesque fashion and the ability to change shape and merge with other corpses, with the corpses containing the memories of those that they possessed meaning that they would taunt the heros, cry out for help, and warn them or beg for death (much like in system shock 2) not to mention the hero's fears being amplified by the hellish powers (such as manifesting giant spiders to attack someone who was aracnaphobic, blocking out the lights when someone's scared of the dark and so forth). to quote a teacher who read it at the time "you need to see a doctor"
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