Americans oppose raising debt ceiling:

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276 TheyCallMeTomu25th May 2011 02:13:52 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Probably that too, I'm not the greatest authority on economics or all things Japanese, after all.
277 Enkufka25th May 2011 02:18:08 PM from Bay of White fish
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Tom: I'm under the impression that the stagflation had more to do with the price freezes enacted under Nixon.
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278 TheyCallMeTomu25th May 2011 02:27:57 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
Of course you LIBERALS would look at the evidence instead of good ol' American GUT knowledge.
Gah, don't people know what caused the economic woes of the 1970s?

The fall of Disco. Before Disco sales plummeted, things were fine, after ai-yi-yi.

But in other news, I'm hearing that the defeat in the NY-26 special election by the Republican party is being heralded as a sign that entitlement reform is doomed.

I'm also hearing that they tried to rename ear-marks to member requests.

280 TheyCallMeTomu25th May 2011 02:52:45 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
I heard from Republican bloggers that it has nothing to do with Medicare reform no no no.
So were the Repubs beaten or did they beat someone?

Sorry, obvious bias coming through there.

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The republicans lost a seat in the US house in an area that the republican party nominee would have normal trounced the democratic's party nominee.
Ahhh, thank you.

Could you provide me with a link to somewhere I can find out more?
What, you don't believe it's notable??

But let's see the election results...first, 2010...

US House election, 2010: New York District 26 [6]

Party Candidate Votes % %

Republican Chris J. Lee 151,449 73.6 +18.6

Democratic Philip A. Fedele 54,307 26.4 -14.

Now...a few months later:

  • Party Candidate Votes Percentage

Democratic Kathy Hochul 48,530 47%

Republican Jane Corwin 43,836 43%

Tea Party Jack Davis 9,495 9%

Green Ian Murphy 1,130 1%

Bit of a swing, huh?

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286 TheyCallMeTomu25th May 2011 03:48:10 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
If the Tea Party candidate had given EVERY SINGLE VOTE to the Republican, the Republican would have won-but that's asserting that every last person who voted for the Tea Party not only would have voted Republican (possible, but implausible), but also that they would have been to the polls to begin with (basically impossible).

But the Republican right will insist that no, medicare reform is NOT ridiculously unpopular.
Of course, just because something is unpopular doesn't mean it is a bad idea.
Gunpla is amazing!
It is if you are running for elections. tongue
And when you're relying not on the sense of it, but adamantly insisting that you are doing something out of popularity, yeah, that doesn't work.

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