Which double standards:

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"What about the poor menz" is about dudes with entitlement issues that they really need to let go of and extreme misconceptions about the way gender politics really work in Western society (for how they really work, look up the rape culture article on that site. Warning: High Octane Nightmare Fuel!).

Also, what's F!S? I've never heard of that particular site.

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Out of Context Theater: Mike K

"'Bloody Pussies' cracked me up"
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Fandom Secrets.

I've seen that statement misused so it kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

@Nick not all girls hit boys. And answering violence with more violence just perpetuates a cycle that doesn't stop until something terrible happens or we choose to stop it.

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hitting people to be mean and abusive is different when you do it in a flirting not serious way

but there is a distinction that is hard to define for me, but the distinction is definately there, bold and strong. I just can't articulate it
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