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I wrote this a while ago. It's incomplete but I liked what i had so far so I kept it. Enjoy!

Black Beauty was one of the last Luminaris-class cargo ships produced in the Fernando Ship Yards of the planet Vessel. The current owners of the company had deemed the Luminaris model to be too outdated and so they switched to producing Helostat-class cargo ships. Black Beauty, serial number HR-325-1233, was one of the lucky ones but its outdated design made her good for only rental use. She went through several hands before being one of its owners suffered a heart attack and had to be hosiptalized. By then, Black Beauty was the last one of its kind as all the other Luminaris-class cargo ship had either been scrapped or destroyed. She was put up for sale at a scrap heap.

Her story would have ended there except that one enterprising couple bought the ship to use for their janitorial company, the Space Cleaners. Money was short and the recently married couple had to sell their house in order to purchase the craft. Trina, the wife, helped Sigmor, the husband, refurbish the vehicle so that it would barely pass code. With nowhere else to live, they moved their belongings into the ship. After a fews years of odd jobs, the two had a child, a beautiful girl named Jill.

By the time Jill was a teenager, the Tyrants war had broken out and the family fled to a distant portion of the galaxy. They continued to work on the ship as the Galigas, the family name, did odd jobs for various clients. Jill, who had a talent for mechanics, invented various devices and parts for the outdated ship. Some of these devices included a cloaking device and a dishwasher, for the kitchen. The ship, under Jill's watchful eye, gained a speed boost from its modified engines and her maneuverabilty was increased when Jill retrofitted the navigation jets with vector controls. Despite these modifications, the ship was still too slow for Jill's liking.

On a whim, Jill convinced her parents to help her steal a Janis Reactor core enroute to the Bellrish Nebula. It was a daring raid, one that almost destroyed the ship but thanks to a home-made cloaking device, the ship barely escaped. Retreating to a safe place, Sigmor and Trina scolded their daughter but helped her to install the reactor core. They had to remove the old Fernando reactor core to make room for the new core and when they first tested it, the massive power nearly fried the entire ship. After a few adjustments, Black Beauty gained a 500% speed boost and could outfly many star fighters. Using the ship's newfound power, the Galigas could also outfly their janitorial competitors.

Meanwhile, the Tyrants War was spreading across the galaxy and the Peace Keepers were struggling to maintain control. Their most powerful weapon was the Morri, an ancient religon as old as the galaxy. But even the Morri were struggling against the overwhelming power of the Tyrants and their colosal supership, the Devastator.

The Devastator was an awesome sight to behold. Seemingly a million miles long, it dwarfed the entire fleet of the Peace Keepers. It could house over a an endless number smaller superships, many of which could house thousands of smaller command ship, many of those capable of carrying thousands of fighters and bombers. Even the Devastator's firepower was frightening to behold, for it could shoot star destroying plasma bursts as fast and efficiently as a small ground soldier could shoot a machine gun. The only thing keeping the Devestator from destroying the entire galaxy was the galaxy's immense size. But that was little comfort to the people on the planets being destroyed.

In the mean time, Black Beauty and her crew were still making many janitorial runs when they were called to a planet called Ether. This planet was home to the Morri. As she worked, Jill passed by the Training Room. Using her X-ray glasses, Jill could see a young man in his early twenties being trained by Morri Vince. From what she could hear, Jill learned that the young man would soon be entering battle as the Chosen One. The young man took every word Morri Vince told him.

Suddenly, there was a massive explosion and word came over the building's intercom that the Devastator was closing in on the planet. Looking out a window, she was stunned by the ships massive size. It was so big that to Jill it looked like it would land in the forest nearby. Then she saw several specks appear beneath the ship and they grew immense size. Before long, thousands of fighters from the Morri Base poured out to confront what appeared to be a billion fighters. Jill knew that she had to find her parents return to Black Beauty, but they were on the other side of the complex. Sigmor and Trina searched everywhere for Jill but knew that time was running out. As they waited in their ship, they could see hundreds of massive vehicles land. Instinctively, Sigmor put the ship into hovermode, his gut telling him that his daughter would be best spotted from the air. But just as they located their daughter, she was captured by Tyrant troops and taken aboard a waiting cruiser. Sigmor wanted to follow but Trina convinced him to wait. Trina knew that they would need help if they were to rescue their daughter.

The two raced out of the planet's atmosphere in the nick of time. In disbelieving horror, Sigmor and Trina watched as the Devastator destroyed Ether and the hundreds of other nearby planets at the rate of ten per second. For the Morri, it was a devestating loss. Not only was their planet and home base destroyed, but the Chosen Had been taken prisoner. Many of their best pilots had been killed in the destruction and they needed a temporary base. That's when they spotted Black Beauty. When Trina heard the Morri's request to use their ship as a temporary base, she knew that it would be their only hope in rescuing their daughter. She granted them permission and the leaders boarded the massive cargo craft. Using the ships incredible power, power that shocked even the Morri, they made a quick retreat.

During a long negotiation, the Morri told Trina and Sigmor that they also needed to rescue someone from the Devastator: a certain Kevin McGregor, the Morri's Chosen One. They told them that they would look for their daughter, but once they found Kevin, that they would retreat. It was a prospect that infuriated Trina, she knew that she and her husband had no choice but to comply.

Using their ship's cloaking device, the Galigas brought the Morri close enough so that their best fighters could sneak aboard the Devestator. After a long peroid of waiting, the Morri appeared with Kevin, but no Jill. Boarding Black Beauty, they forced Sigmor to put the ship into a retreat. But Trina was so furious with everyone aboard her ship that she took the controls from her husband and flew them back to the Devastator. Then she forced Morri Vince to go look for their daughter. After another period of waiting, Morri Vince appeared with a barely alive Jill. When Jill was brought aboard, Sigmor put the ship into another retreat, dodging planet destroying plasma bursts on the way out. Finally at a safe distance, the Sigmor and Trina went to check on their daughter, who lay in critical condition. They were shocked by what they saw.
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