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Got him. Third form was a pain and a half, because I forgot to give Daichi Null Physical which left him vulnerable to boss beta. Had to regenerate his team more than once, but it worked out that Fumi and he were in position to eliminate their targets just in time for MC to take the last step to kill the boss. Still had to SDTP Trumpeter to replace the dead bird, but it ended up working out much better than expected thanks to Shield All shutting down his attacks.

Anyway, NG+ time. Going to try for a group-end run to score the many many points it offers. Picked the removal of the limiters, my skills, the Mitamas and one demon from my previous run as my victory rewards. Hopefully I'll be able to crack most of the skills I missed the first time around, but the one that grates the most is Pierce+.
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I beat the final boss on my first try. I think I sort of accidentally ended up with the cheesiest teams possible.

Daichi with Double Attack, Evil Wave, Multi-strike, Pierce and Drain Hit. Every time he gets a turn he can kill 2 enemy teams from 6 squares away. Needless to say he can also hit the final form of the final boss without fear of counter-attacks. If anyone gets near him he dies, but its pretty easy to rez him.

MC with max Magic, 13 Agi, and the rest into Vit. Megidoalon, Drain, Healing Auto-skill, Repel Phys and Extra One. He's completely invincible and can spam Almighty damage at his leisure, and he always gets free extra turns no matter what he does. Holy Dance probably would've been stronger, but I felt it necessary to divide my cheesiness. I gave him a Deity partner for the racial, but I always forgot to use it. And Genma for the movement of course.

Anyway, those two just kind of trivialized everything. Early on in the last day I just sent the MC into the middle of the enemies by himself and he eventually counterattacked them all to death. Eventually. Apparently it's impossible to get a turn when that many people are hitting you (getting attacked pushes you back in the turn order?).

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So a question: What do you guys think of the new character introduced in 3DS remake being gender flip twin of Yamato? tongue
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she has weird hips.

or her legs are attached weirdly to her hips.

either one.
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That she was a thing before Break Record.

They mention her in the official artbook and Gemini symbolism.

Just like Otome mentions Tokyo Destinyland in that same book.
Well, since Yamato drove so much of the conflict in the original game a lot is going to rest on how similar/different she is compared to her brother. She comes off as more personable in the trailers, but we'll see.
Has anyone else seen the artwork of salaryman!Yamato? I wonder how the second timeline is really different.
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The freaky train with a face!

Isn't he still only 17 years old?
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Do you mean this one? It's just him with his coat over his shoulder. Though on the official site he actually has an entry for the new scenario and a soon-to-be-uploaded character trailer as well despite not "existing" in the new world...

Oh, and Atlus USA announced today that it's being localized in "early 2015" with the less Engrishy subtitle of "Record Breaker".

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apparantly break record retgones yamato at one point?

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His character page on the Japanese site even switches between normal game and Break Record, with different dialogue in the sound clips for both.
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