Scriptwriting, orders from above, and the need-to-know principle:

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I've heard from a reliable source that TV show writing teams get orders from above to include certain phrases, skits, etc., in episodes without being told why - i.e. they don't need to know why.

I would like confirmation or denial of this.

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Yes, a show (And film, for that matter) are not written completely by the screenwriter(s). In fact, producers are the ones who come up with the original idea (Whether it's for the show, episode, or film) and then they approach a screenwriter to shape it up in a profitable, consumable way.
It's not exactly naive. And it can happen. But it's tough. And definetly worthwhile.
I understand the idea that the show itself is not designed by writers, but that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about TV shows that are already established, with a cast of characters, where the writing team is getting orders to include certain skits, phrases, etc., in upcoming episodes without being told why. "Here's a list of things you have to include in the next episode" - that sort of thing.

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