An Interesting Guide for Fanfic Writers (Written by a Troper):

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There's nothing wrong with outward simplicity if there's substance under it.

If the pretty lightshows and fast pace of an action-oriented story can appeal to the masses, but it can maintain some deeper story and compelling characters with fancy symbolic stuff and all those other things critics and artsy people love, then I think it's probably better off for it.
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Another update. As I've noted in my site's RSS feed, this update has an expanded introduction, a couple new entries in "General Guidelines", expansion/completion of several "Stupid Writer Tricks", and assorted small edits.

I have not read the thread since my last post; the incipient flamewar is entertaining but useless to me. I have, however, saved the first three pages of the thread to local files so I can consult them more easily when I have the chance to write/revise (which is not always when I have connectivity).

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