Earthquake in New Zealand:

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Hey guys. Are you alright? I know that the Christchurch earthquake was a bit of a shock, and my thoughts are with the people of Christchurch.
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Hey, Christchurch troper here. Thanks very much for all your well wishes. The death toll now stands at 98, with about 220 people missing. About 80% of the city still doesn't have water, and 40% is still without power, it's pretty bad. We still hadn't finished rebuilding from the 7.1 6 months ago, so it's quite demoralizing for everyone to get knocked back down again. The search and rescue people are all doing really well though, and the response from the general public in terms of help has been amazing. If this was going to happen in any country, New Zealand's a good one, just because of the spirit and attitude of N Zers. Let's just hope we can get back to normal soon, and that the toll doesn't rise too much more. Again, thanks for everyone's concern. *hugs to all*
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Total posts: 27
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