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How would One Communicate with Subatomic Man?:

 1 Sand Josieph, Wed, 9th Feb '11 12:21:49 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
And what could he possibly tell us?

For clarity, yes, Subatomic Man is the size of a subatomic particle.
 2 doorhandle, Wed, 9th Feb '11 2:20:31 AM from Space Australia!
With great difficulty.

See ALL the stars!
Not a lot, comprehensibly. Unless we gain much understanding of Quantum Mechanics in the meantime.

edited 9th Feb '11 9:27:19 AM by Yej

Da Rules excuse all the inaccuracy in the world. Listen to them, not me.
 4 Sand Josieph, Wed, 9th Feb '11 9:51:37 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
Couldn't Subatomic Man (Subatomic Squid in the Galaday-verse) zip around in subatomic space bouncing off atoms and particles to create various flashes of light or would the process end up splitting an atom thus destroying everyone within a 200 miles radius?
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