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 1 USAF713, Tue, 8th Feb '11 3:50:34 PM from the United States
I changed accounts.
Hi, potential helper people. I write fan fiction, like I'm sure many other Tropers do, but I have hit a particularly annoying problem I can't find an answer to and I was hoping someone here could help.

I'm writing an OC fic for Call of Duty: Black Ops about the new Zombies map, Ascension, but I need to find out what kind of ranks I would be working with for the characters (because I think accuracy in that regard is important.) It would be a squad of Russian Spetsnaz dudes, probably 6 of them. Thanks!

For reference for anyone who hasn't played the game, I'm looking at a tactical team sent in to investigate contact loss (of course), circa 1968, sent by the government of the Soviet Union.
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Have you tried little_details?

 3 USAF713, Tue, 8th Feb '11 4:15:33 PM from the United States
I changed accounts.
Thanks for the offer, but I looked and there's nothing on the Soviet Military or Spetsnaz, that I could find at least. Thanks, though, for the try!
I am now known as Flyboy.
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