The Darkness II:

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[up]Generator lights are unbreakable, I think. You have to smash the generator in order to get rid of those lights.
Gunpla is amazing!

I'm still confused how Jackie escaped his fate in the first ending, they just wave it off really. But yeah Downer ending to the max.

Shame the game is so short too.

Also I never thought a game would make me go "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" over The darkling dying.

Also Was wondering when the Angelus would show up....but not like this ._.

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I played and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed. The only things I liked about the gameplay were the executions. Other than that, I miss being able to turn the Darkness on and off and using Creeping Dark to take out enemies stealthly. The gameplay is too linear now.

I also did not like the graphics. I'm not against cel-shaded graphics, but I think it was done poorly for this game. The previous installment looked better, in my opinion.

The voice-acting is another thing I did not like. It's a shame they changed Jackie's voice actor; I thought the previous voice actor did a perfect job.

I haven't played the multiplayer much, but so far I'm unimpressed. Seems like an attempt at L 4 D with Darkness powers, but not as good as that might sound.
Is there a Wham Line? In the previous game, it's the Darkness saying, "Learn that you are my puppet. Now watch this!"
[up]If I had to guess, I'd probably say it's when Jenny says "I'm so sorry..." at the ending.

Would that count, if you know what I'm talking about?
Oh this one game.

It was pretty cool... thats about it, I liked it... and... yeah, thats it, really.

Its not the best game ever I played, but it was fun on its own*
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