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93876 Hobgoblin24th Sep 2011 06:26:13 PM from Jylland Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: It's not my fault I'm not popular!
Cool Blue Magic
Sewaddle: *innocently continues nomming the grass, oblivious to the killer Masquerain behind him* <I love eating grass! One day, I'll grow up big and strong, and then everyone will love me~>


Aqua: <Oh, okay.> *thinks* <Oh oh, I can do this!> *shoots a ray of stars into the air, streaks of light glistening down around them* <Mommy says that not all Eevee can learn that move. :3>

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93877 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 06:29:02 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
<Gene: "HEY! Just what do you-">

-Hears the Rhydon's comment and sees him using Aqua Tail-

<Gene: "Wait, WHAT?">

-Watching the Rhydon from above-


-And hastily Dragon Dances before abruptly dropping out of the sky-


-And smashes the ground, generating a massive tremor-

<Thog: "You could have said something!">

-Further back-

"Oh no... What now?"

<Teala: "... Wait, what did he mean he was also a water type?">

<Iggy: "... Looks like we ran into those Pokemon that Lake was talking about last week...">

-Rushes after the rest of Luke's group-

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-Before the Rhydon can launch another attack, the Rock Pokémon is tripped up by Breeze's Grass Knot...-

Rhydon: <WHOA!>

-Then slammed by Nadia's Earthquake, sending him flying into the air.-


-Then landing a fair distance away, badly hurt.-

Rhydon: <...Ow...>

Pleo: -Stares at Nadia, is beak(?) agape.- <Wow...Nadia's strong.>

Lake: -Grins.- <Yeah, she sure is.>

-The Rhydon, however, struggles to his feet.-

Rhydon: <Ow... I'm not done just yet! Or a few more seconds, at least.>

-Then Rock Pokémon then conjures a HUGE Surf wave, then sends it straight at Lake, Nadia, Pleo and Gene.-

Lake: <WHOA!>

Pleo: <Don't worry! I'll save you!>

-The young Lugia's eye-spikes glow, indicating that he's formed a Safeguard around the two.-

Lake: <Nadia! Gene! Get over here!>
93879 memyselfandI224th Sep 2011 06:36:16 PM from The Biosphere Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: A teenager in love
-seeing the Surf-


-recalls Breeze, but is unable to get out of the way in time-

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93880 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 06:39:34 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Gene quickly bolts to Lake and Pleo with a certain Salamence attempting to follow suit-

<Gene: "Hurry up, Nadia!">


<Nadia: "There's no way that I can make it there in time... But...">

-Stops attempting to run-

<Gene: "Come on!">

<Thog: "What are you doing?!">

<Nadia: "This.">

-Puts up a Protect just as the wave comes down upon her-

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93881 rmctagg0924th Sep 2011 06:42:51 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Turns out I can change forms without the armband in there. I think it's better if I stay as a Swampert though. I'd rather not find out if the Dream World has anything like Censors.

Mandarin Beach

Thresher: -Rolls next to Abigail- <It looks pretty cool Abby.>
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93882 Tangent12824th Sep 2011 06:48:45 PM from Virginia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
I can see how that would get awkward...

Okay, what is on that cork...


Abigail: <Thanks!>

<...what is everyone else looking at?>
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Lake: <WAIT, NAD-> -Sees her put a Protect Shield up.- <Oh...WHOA!>

-The Lake swamps the Four, but Nadia's Protect and Pleo's Safeguard hold firm.-

Rhydon: <Oh! Did I get them?>

-The wave passes, revealing that all four Pokémon are safe, and now probably very angry.-

Rhydom: <...Uh-oh...>

Lake: <Bad idea, buddy.>

-It was at that point that the Rhydon decided to cut his losses and flee.-

Rhydon: <YIKES!>

-The Rhydon panics, suddenly realizing that he had forgotten where their home base was! It was definitely on an island to the East, or the West, but he couldn't be certain which way.-

Deciding to take a chance, the Rhydon quickly blows a Dive Bubble...-


-Then jumps into the nearby lake.-

Lake: <...>

Pleo: <He was...strange.>

-At that point, the rest of us show up, having just witness the Rhydon start to swim for it.-

Harriet: <...These are the guys who are trying to take Pleo? Seriously?>
93884 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 06:52:25 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Watching the Rhydon flee-

<Iggy: "... What.">

<Thog: "... Shouldn't we not be letting him get away or something?">

"Wait, why are they after Pleo anyways?"
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93885 stargirl9324th Sep 2011 06:53:16 PM from Destiny Islands Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
-Jenna crosses the finish line, winning the race-

Ari: <All Right!>

Bow: <Yay!>

Cissy: Well done! Here's the Coral Eye badge.'''

-Jenna takes the badge, does an Item get pose-

Jenna: I GOT THE CORAL EYE BADGE! -everyone cheers-

-Star smiles weakly-

Squirtle: -looks over at Star- <Everything ok?>

<...Yeah. I'm fine.>

Squirtle: <Hmmm...>

93886 rmctagg0924th Sep 2011 07:02:21 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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-Looks at the cork-

It's a...Drilbur.

Muddy: <Like the one back at the amusement park.>

Perhaps I should teleport everyone now.

Mandarin Beach

Thresher: -Notices the others looking- <Great... Um Abby, can I say something?>
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Stratus: <I didn't know Rhydon could swim. But yeah, should we do something? We could probably pop his Dive Bubble easily...>

Treeo: -Shakes his head.- <Nah, just leave him. We've scared him off for a while, I reckon.>

"Yeah, Why are they after Pleo? I don't see what they could possibly want with him..."

Harriet: <Maybe they want to use him as a hostage so that they can bargin with the Reef Pokémon for something?>

Woolly: <Or maybe they want to use him to power a doomsday device or something!>

Chord: < offense Woolly, but that sounds like something you would see in a cartoon or something.>

Woolly: <Well, it could happen...>

Pleo: <So, that's two Pokémon that have tried to steal me now! So, it's not just that mean old Feraligatr, there's a nasty Rhydon, too! And...What if there are more? There could be hundreds of them after us!> -Shivers.- <Guys...I'm scared.>

Lake: <Hey, don't worry!>

-Lake reaches up and strokes Pleo gently.-

Lake: <I don't care how many Delta Pokémon are after you, Pleo. We won't any of them get you. Promise.>

Pleo: <...> -Calms down a bit.- <...Okay.> -Smiles.- <Thanks, everyone.>
93888 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 07:06:26 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
<Teala: "... Wait, but wouldn't the fastest way to find out why that Rhydon wanted to kindnap Pleo be to talk to him?">

"... It is kinda hard to do that if he runs away... Plus we could always let him go afterwards..."
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"Oh, Good point!"

Stratus: <You'd better hurry up if you want to speak to him, though! He's getting away!>

Chord: <Leave it to me!>

-Chord rears back then fires a string shot out of his mouth at the Rhydon, the thread latching on and sticking to the Rhydon's Dive bubble.-

Rhydon: <Huh?? -Sees the string.- <OH!>

Chord: -Smirks.- <Gotcha!>

-Chord pulls back, using his immense strength to hurl the Rhydon out of the water and into the air.-


-The Pokémon is hurled into the air, hitting the shore and bouncing on impact due to his bubble, before hitting the floor and rolling a few feet, coming to a stop in front of Lake.-

Rhydon: <Urk...> -Shakes his head, then notices Lake.- <AAAHHH!>

Lake: -Smirks.- <Hi, there...>
93890 Mezzopiano24th Sep 2011 07:15:41 PM from That Cold Place Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-wakes up on the beach-

...Where is everyone?

Felis: <Not here, evidently.>


So where did they go? Why did they leave me behind?

Felis: <How should I know? I don't know how your friends' minds work.>

Ugh. Really, even Every's gone. You'd think he could have at least woken me up or something.

-gets up and tries to walk, and ends up falling flat on her face-

Ow...stupid leg.
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93891 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 07:15:42 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
<Teala: "Wow...">

<Thog: "... Ariados can do that?">

<Gene: "Guess they can...">

<Iggy: "Easy there... We're not going to hurt you...">

"We just wanted to ask a few questions..."

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93892 Tangent12824th Sep 2011 07:22:02 PM from Virginia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you


Abigail: <Sure?>
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-The Rhydon takes a good look at the Pokémon surrounding us, then his eyes go wide with fright.-


-The Rock type curls up, shivering.-

Rhydon: <PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I'm not evil like those Two Or was it three? Glitch Pokémon that you killed! I'm a nice mon! Honest!>

Treeo: <Well, I don't know about where you come from, but nice mons don't go around trying to steal kids, like you and your Feraligatr friend...>

Rhydon: <F-Feraligatr friend? How d-did you know I was friends w-with Tempest?>

-Treeo smirks.-

Treeo: <I didn't. You just gave it away.>

Rhydon: -Is shocked.- <OH! This is bad...Ferno's going to kill me. OH! Now they know about him too. Oh, Arceus...>
93894 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 07:27:33 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
<Teala: "... Well... I guess there's also a really obvious question... Why are you trying to kidnap the child of a god? I mean... You don't exactly seem like the kind of Pokemon that is eager to receive divine judgement... Especially with the way you acted after you realized that you just told us about some of your friends...">

<Nadia: "I mean, you can't honestly think that your life expectancy would be doing very well if Pleo's father had seen what you just tried earlier, do you?">

<Thog: "Wait, who is this Ferno anyways? And how is he or she related to you?">

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93895 rmctagg0924th Sep 2011 07:29:23 PM from Brooklyn, NY Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Let me get on that.

-Sends a telepathic message to Xatu-

Mandarin Beach, about a few minutes before Xatu teleports everyone

Thresher: <It's just, well, I think you're really cool Abby.>

-Everyone else is just staying quiet-

Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.
Rhydon: -Shivering.- <Uh...Ferno's my boss...our boss. And he's going to kill me once he finds out what happens here...If I can remember to tell him. Oh! Maybe I just won't tell him! Then he won't punish me!>

Chord: -Shakes his head.- <No good, buddy. Now that you've told us, he's going to find out sooner or later. Then he'll know.>

Rhydon: <...Oh...Oh Arceus...>

Woolly: <So? Why do you want Pleo, then? Are you building a Doomsday device? Or a Giant Robot that needs him as a power source or something?>

Rhydon: -Shakes his head.- <NO! We don't want to do that! I don't think so, anyway.>

Lake: <Then why, then? Do you want something in exchange for him?>

Rhydon: <Uh...Yeah. We do. You see...We want Pleo...So that we can convince his Dad to do something for us...>
93897 Tangent12824th Sep 2011 07:34:22 PM from Virginia Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you


Abigail: <Oh! T-Thanks, Thresher!>

<'re pretty cool too. Or the easiest mon for me to talk to about important things, anyways...>
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93898 TracerBullet24th Sep 2011 07:35:21 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
"... And just what are you counting on to keep from being vaporized by being Aeroblasted again? You can't honestly think that trying to coerce a god into doing you a favor would turn out well..."

<Iggy: "What is it that you and the others with you want anyways?">
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Woolly: -Tilts her head.- <Huh?>

Treeo: <Well, you won't get that by going around trying to kidnap legendaries...>

Rhydon: <No, you don't get it. It's not easy being a Delta Pokémon. Especially if you get a funny type or something. Most of the other Pokémon think that we're freaks. Or we're dangerous...>

...It's not fair. We're good Pokémon, and we just wanted to be treated nicely. But nobody listens. Which is why we're trying to "persuade" Lugia to help us. We're going to use his power to make other Pokémon treat us better. It's not ideal...But Ferno say's that it's the only way we'll get them to listen...>

Lake: <...Oh...>

Pleo: <...>
93900 SilentReverence24th Sep 2011 07:42:26 PM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up Get RP Mod
adopting kitteh
-Ichtacya looks at the stars-

Ichtacya — <Awww, those are very cute, Aqua! And it's true. Eevees can learn all kinds of attacks anyway... say, you learnt how to bite?> — kneels on the ground, with a happy puppy face — <Show me your cute little fangs~ :3>

-At the forest-

-Algira hears the Masquerain-

Algira (charges the Water Pulse) — <Aww poor thing... its dad is gonna be dissapoint. Oh well, food for thought~>

-Algira hovers behind the Sewaddle slowly and fires the Water Pulse-

-Meanwhile, at the beach, the Krabby has almost dug itself in the sand trying to fetch something when it turns around and sees Shahinne-

Wild Krabby♂ lv18 — <....Ah! What- what are you doing there...!> — tries to move away.

-Shahinne tilts her head, focusing her sight on the Krabby-

Shahinne — <You are...>

-thinks for a moment, tilts head more-

Shahinne — <...Food!>

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