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JFK Time Travel Exemption Act:

Walking Contradiction
I was almost going to launch this as a YKTTW (and then in the Repair forum), but thought I put it here first. The Hitler Time Travel Exemption Act of course is where you can't kill Hitler without making things worse; well, the JFKTTEA is the converse: you can't _prevent_ the JFK assassination without making things worse. That Quantum Leap ep comes to mind, but I know there have been others.

Should we roll this into the other trope, or does it deserve its own page?

I think it may deserve a seperate, as JFK may well show up in similar things (Red Dwarf "Tikka to ride" has the cast stopping JFK assassination, only for the US Space program to be cancelled for example.) The Hitler page is going to be big enough without including other similar Time Travel issues.

That said, even if JFK doesn't have his own page, it may be worth a list of other "Real historical turning points/ characters" which are frequently targeted by time travellers, only for things to go horribly wrong. I'm sure there are others out there.

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Just a little bit of help with the link. It's Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act.

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"That Quantum Leap ep" doesn't touch upon what you're getting at.
 5 Silent Reverence, Sat, 26th Feb '11 7:03:53 AM from 3 tiles right 1 tile up
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I don't think it is different enough to merit its own trope; sounds to me like the first step in trying to get rid of Hitler in trope lists for some reason... if anything, it can be an interesting redirect.
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