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This is just an outline of the events for my BIG project, the one that some of you keep hearing about from me. The events are going to be incomplete and almost random for the time being as I sort them out. Bullet points that are seperated by an empty line indicates missing events. I'll be updating this first post as organization is had.

Part 1

  • Loc: Home

  1. Kat is looking up phone numbers for a potential job.
    • KAT: Electra, you wouldn't happen to know of any places hiring around town.
    • ELECTRA: You should check out the Anteater BBQ. Junior and I eat there all the time.

  • Loc: Electra's Lab
  1. Electra shows Kat a prototype of some replacement limbs.
  2. Electra also asks Kat if she wants to come with her to a fancy party.

  • Loc: The Anteater BBQ
  1. Kat fills out an "application" for the job.
  2. Kat runs into Maggie as she exits the building.

  • Loc: Abandoned Church
  1. Maggie shows Kat some ritual that takes place every few weeks in the abandoned church.
  2. One of the sacrifices goes wrong and the demon attempts to escape.
  3. Kat decides to stop it but ends up trapping it in her own soul.
  4. Kat's possession knocks her out and Maggie is forced to drag her friend to a hidden spot from the cult members.

  • Loc: Sewers
  1. Maggie finds an entrance to the sewers and runs into Sewer Sally.
  2. Maggie convinces Sewer Sally to help get Kat back home.
  3. While she's unconscious, Kat has dreams of her talking to her demon.
  4. The demon warns Kat not to get overwhelmed and die because that would allow the demon to take full control.

  • Loc: Birch Creek Reception Hall
  1. Kat attends the party Electra mentioned in the beginning.
  2. During a breather, Kat steps outside and finds Maggie there, checking up on her.
  3. Trying to make her escape, Kat loses her hand and then her foot.
  4. Kat is able to evade the attacking demon via clever use of her surroundings but is eventually cornered near a window overlooking the party.
  5. The demon sends Kat sprawling through the window just as Maggie convinces party goers to seek shelter.
  6. Kat's friends are unable to stop the super demon from mauling her to the point of death.
  7. Before the demon can deliver the final blow, Kat's inner demon awakens and attacks it.
  8. Kat regains control just as her demon finishes absorbing the defeated super demon.
  9. After giving a weak thumbs up to her friends Kat collapses.

Part 2

  • Loc: Hospital

  • Loc: Home
  1. Kat is starting to suffer emotionally from not having her hand and foot.
  2. Kat gets a call from Electra to come on down to the lab.

  • Loc: Electra's Lab
  1. Kat gets fitted with a replacement hand and foot.

  • Military Base

  • Underground Fightclub
  1. Kat finds herself training some more by fighting the boys there.
    • PRIZE FIGHTER: Er, sorry about not having any girls around for you to fight. Cindy is out with a cold and Gale just had a sex change. Looks like you're going to have to settle with us for now.

  • Police Training Academy
  1. Officer Victoria volunteers to help Kat train in Urban Warfare.

  • Loc: Library
  1. Junior shows Kat something interesting she has found regarding demons.

Part 3

  • Loc: Home

  • Loc: Police Station

  • Loc: Abandoned Church

  • Loc: Birch Creek Field and Track Complex
  1. Kat's friends lure the demons out onto the large field.
  2. Kat focuses on taking out the demon lord in charge of this

  • Loc: The Anteater BBQ
  1. Kat gets an interview with the manager of the Anteater BBQ.

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Bigonkers! is Magic
I want to weaponize a dress but the best idea I can come up with are retractable blades hidden in the hem of the skirt. Is there a better (or cooler) way of doing this?
Sharpen the skirt of the dress — as light as a feather, and will cut through trees when she spins a ballet.
Rock On
Flamethrower mammaries.

A more...traditional weapon would be weighted cuffs; take a robe or dress with long sleeves and sew weights into the cuffs. Good way to break bones, but discreet; it's like brass knuckles for ladies.
  • Martial arts movies usually take it a step further and have the sleeves extend out a ridiculous distance.
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Bigonkers! is Magic
Should I go with spider-like legs sprouting from Kat's back or should I go for wings when Kat goes Magical Girl with her demonic powers?

EDIT: Made a new layout for the OP.

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Madrugada has actually asked Eddie to exempt the left side of the forum from the spider-cleany-bot.

I think, anyway. I remember her saying something about it.
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Bigonkers! is Magic
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Bigonkers! is Magic
How can I make this gag work...

PARANOID: Are you one of them? Are you here to kill me?

TRIGGER: [beat] Sure, why not? [kills PARANOID]

Also, I feel like I should add a fourth demon fight between Kat's Training Session and her Final Battle. Does my current layout feel like it needs one?
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