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Jonah Falcon
Opening moments of the game.

Man, can't wait for this game. If you don't know about this game, it's like Crush - a 2D platformer that transforms into a 3D platformer to solve puzzles.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
I remember this game! I heard about it back around the time when Super Paper Mario came out.

...that was a long time ago.
 4 feotakahari, Tue, 21st Dec '10 12:33:03 AM from Looking out at the city
Fuzzy Orange Doomsayer
The protagonist reminds me of either Quote or a chicken. (I suppose that red is intended to be the fez.)
That's Feo . . . He's a disgusting, mysoginistic, paedophilic asshat who moonlights as a shitty writer—Something Awful
Jonah Falcon

edited 21st Dec '10 12:18:26 PM by JAF1970

Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Oh my god. It was rated by PEGI. It's... going... to... be... RELEASED. It only took 6 years!
Jonah Falcon
 7 Meta Four, Thu, 29th Dec '11 3:04:33 PM from the house of bread and battle
Man, I remember hearing about this a few years ago. Sounds really cool. Wish I could play it.
Jonah Falcon
FINALLY. April 13.
Jonah Falcon
Give it to me. GIVE IT NOW!

Did you have to link to Gamespot? I've read some of the comments on a whim and now I feel like shooting myself.

I really hope Fish decides a Steam version would have some merit.

edited 29th Mar '12 2:01:42 PM by Litis

Jonah Falcon
It's probable Fish is following Blow's advice and waiting a few months on the Steam version. Pirates get bored with old games.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Joystiq review.
Jonah Falcon
 13 Azure Seas, Thu, 12th Apr '12 10:51:47 PM from Pennsylvania
I just saw some videos, and holy cow, this game looks amazing. I'll definitely pick it up first chance I get.

I've created a page for it: Fez.
If someone could move my page to the proper "Video Game.Fez" title, it would be very much appreciated. smile
 16 Firebert, Sat, 14th Apr '12 1:51:21 PM from Somewhere in Illinois
That One Guy
This is definitely a cool game, and it's nice to see another sort of Bastion-esque creativity on XBLA.
 17 Azure Seas, Thu, 3rd May '12 6:11:04 PM from Pennsylvania
Welp, I had access to my Xbox 360, and I got it first chance I got. It's as awesome as I expected it to be. Rotating the world to line things up is a pretty cool mechanic, and the stuff they throw in later on to mix it up is cool and kinda unsettling all at once. Finding all the secrets in each area is strangely compelling. Overall, a pretty good ride.

Jonah Falcon
Fez is half off for 24 hours.
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Fez going multiplatform.
Jonah Falcon
 20 nomuru2d, Wed, 2nd Jan '13 8:28:45 AM from Back in Inkster, MI Relationship Status: Longing for Dulcinea
It's about time!
Long live Cinematech.

Jonah Falcon
Fez hitting Steam on May 1.
Jonah Falcon
Suck Phil fish's dick

Choke on it

This May 1st.
Jonah Falcon
No, no. John Romero already made us his bitch and had us suck it down.
Jonah Falcon
Mah Headphones
Then Phil Fish shall be his successor in the act of forcing us to suck it down.
I need HoH SiS
 25 LE 0 Night, Sun, 24th Mar '13 3:40:28 AM from A Realm of Dire Boredom
Is sick of your shit.
Oops, he did it again. Possibly why there's no 3DS version coming anytime soon? Shame, it would've been perfect for 3D.

Anyway, buying the Steam edition on day one.

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