YMMV / Supergod

  • Anvilicious: RELIGION! IS! EVIL! or more like "Sci-Fi Writers Have No Concept of How Dumb Their Author Tracts Sound".
    • Ok so, "faith" is a flaw in our evolution, ok fine—regardless of the dubious nature of this assertion and the impossibility of proving such a thing (or that this whole train of thought ignores the absolute necessity of faith and imagination to allow intellectualism to grow and mature, and a race who "transcends" such things would be intellectually sterile) let's take that notion as read:
    • The dude saying this is a "god" created by humans, so if we're so flawed he's just a rounding error. In which case, why are we listening to him...
    • Oh right! Because of his superpowers. No one sees Fungus HAL as a "god", they see him as a sex idol (no bullshit) because he gives off spores that make it so.
    • And let's not even go into how his own life cycle destroyed the planet HE LIVES ON and probably him with it.
    • At best, assuming he's "right", he's basically calling himself a broken toy created by idiots who brought about his own death—at worst he's an alien monster talking out of his ass to people far less flawed than he is. If it were Space Jesus (Jerry Craven), Chinese Cthulhu or Cyborg Krishna, that would change the situation entirely, since they all have a far greater claim to say such things—both in action, and in not being so shortsighted—but Fungus HAL is either a failed experiment or an evolutionary blind alley, either way he's stuck on a dying planet HE killed and has no right to critique anyone else's evolutionary "flaws" especially since—ironically—Cyber Krishna had basically become the "harsh but fair, saves humanity" god that he said didn't exist (so had JC). And WE made him. But of course that's what happen when you listen to a toadstool with delusions of grandeur.
  • Love It or Hate It: An extremely intelligent analysis of the relationship between superheroes and religious figures? Or a bunch of superhumans going around, killing each other, with names obliquely related to religions? You be the judge - and I don't want your "stash".
  • Nightmare Fuel: Starts out bad enough, and then ups the ante at every turn. It would probably be easier to list what isn't Nightmare Fuel.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: While the overall message of the comic is sane and comprehensible, just... try describing any of the literal events in it to people without sounding like you're batshit crazy.
  • The Woobie: Jerry Craven, the only one of the superbeings with even a trace of humanity, is the closest to a conventional superhero and asked for precisely none of the horrifying crap that's made a nightmare of his life. Granted, he's still bugshit crazy, but at least he's not outright genocidal.