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YMMV: Jam Project
  • Brazil Loves JAM Project: They have quite the fanbase in Brazil, to the point they added Ricardo Cruz to help out on concerts in that very country and later on some of their official songs.
    • Their Super Robot Wars songs are much more popular among their US fanbase than in Japan, according to Kageyama in an interview.
  • Crowning Music Of Awesome: JAM Project has their own page.
  • Ear Worm (Too many to list.)
  • Fan Nickname (Enchan, Fukuchan, Makkun, Hikarudo)
  • Magnum Opus: Three contenders in the form of SKILL, GONG, and most recently, Wings of the Legend
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: While Transformers Animated was a great series in its own right, it was originally announced that it'd be reworked into a more direct prequel to the Michael Bay movies for the Japanese release to the disappointment of Western fans.note  "Transformers EVO." and "Praise Be To Decepticon" made up for that in spades.
  • Tear Jerker: Yes, they managed to get away with this. HERO was Rica's last live song before she went on hiatus.

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