Tropers / Yinyang 107

Male, not old. More of a lurker than a wiki contributor. Known in some places as Sam Taeguk.

Currently employed by my parents as a lazy bum. My duties involve ensuring all their food is eaten and keeping the couch warm.

I spend most of my time gaming, or Archive Bingeing shows via Netflix or torrents. (Yes, I pirate. Hate me if you must.)

My taste in music has changed vastly over time: I used to listen to "Weird Al" Yankovic, then the Killers and Coldplay, then DragonForce, and now primarily Kamelot and The Protomen.

No relation to Yin. Also, despite the name, I'm Canadian. Not a taoist, either, though their beliefs (what I know of them) are interesting. I just like the symbolism.

I have a tendency to add anything I think of about my personality to this page, usually in its own paragraph.

Interestingly, spelling, grammar and vocabulary are my academical fortes, yet writing is my biggest weakness.