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French Troper, has been eating TV Tropes cookies since 21/03/2010 and reading articles since at least December 2009.

Most of my time, I spend on virtual entertainment: FPS or RPGs. You're also likely to find me riveted to a RTS, losing, because I'm really not good enough to even see what I do wrong and correct it. Still, I like them.

Many, many hours are spent trying to get to know more about the backstory and canon of the games/animes/books I like, which is easy on the internet in general and on TV Tropes in particular, so that I don't spend much time outside. Too bad.

I like reading. Real books are better. The feel of the paper in your hands doesn't compare to what you get on a computer.

I like Plato's Ideas and am a scientist at heart. More precisely, a mathematician. People tend to tell me that a lot.

I am part of the French Translation Group of TV Tropes: