Tropers: Wikkit

     The Characters I've Played 
  • Dr. Elios Dyson, Steampunk Roboticist that tends to disappear when important things happen.
  • Smith Johnson, Time-Traveling Supaa Robotto with two last names.
  • Fish'Ti'Ree, Chiss bar owner and professional paranoid.
  • The Mad Mr. Madarch, a alien fungal illusionist who would end up revealed as an exiled Fey Prince.
  • Corner, Young Lady possessed by a comatose god who tries to eat magic stuff.
  • Skelefunk The Lich, Rapping Necromantic Bastard who was merely pretending to enjoy his gimmick so that nobody important took him seriously.
  • Umdulivaris, God of Disease and Plumb-line of The Heavens.
  • Raymundo Gregario, traveling doctor with little cares in the world.
  • Slug-Pirate, a slug who is a pirate that I can't remember the name of.
  • Nydin Ordo-Karn, Ithorian who leads an ascetic lifestyle.
  • Wyatt Johnson, i.e. Silver Light, dimension jumping bum with a taste for nice fur coats.
  • Namacuix VII of Buinol, Literal Spider-Man and reigning monarch of an underground pseudo-Azteca spider kingdom.
  • Colonel Ricco Horner, Xenomorph career officer who is a lot nicer than he looks.
  • Chun Xiubai, Power Armor Pilot, family man and professional coat hanger.
  • Calcol, Orcish Cool Old Guy and the medieval equivalent of NVGs.