Tropers / Weimann

Hello there.

I am the troper known as Weimann. I was born in Sweden, 1987. My main categories of interest are Comics, Web Comics, Literature and Video Games, with a bit of Manga and Anime on top. I'm also a fan of Troper Tales.

I hang around here because I'm fascinated by the regression of stories into discrete, well defined parts. One part of me cries for dispelling the magic, while the other relishes the level to which something as basic as a story can be analysed.

I'm a big fan of the Theory of Narrative Causality and I feel that this page is a step towards a better understanding of life. Also, I like making clever references. At the moment, my Trope-fu is weak, but I very much enjoy the page and use it often.

I'm a careful editor, but I've done a few things.

Stuff I've been involved in: