Tropers / Uilleam

Now with actual content. This was mostly copied from my account on Rate Your Music, but altered to fit in here.

I'm an asshole with stupid hair and a stupider beard who lives in the kind of place that makes the middle of nowhere look like Beijing during rush hour. I'm lucky enough to be one of the very, very few people who actually likes rural areas to have been born in one - they're pretty and there are less stupid noises. And stupid people, for that matter.

I have Asperger's syndrome, which probably defines my behaviour and life more than I'd ever willingly admit. Perhaps because of this, I have very few real-life friends and care little for finding more. Heck, I'm probably a dictionary-definition misanthrope. On the other hand, I'm always willing to find more online friends I can blather with at leisure and without interruptions.

I'm protective of my privacy. Don't expect to learn anything intensely personal about me, no matter how tight we get. unless you're a certain someone I won't say who but he asked really really nicely okay

My music taste is eclectic, some might even say chaotic. Pretty much every emotion and style is equally workable in my books, I care not for questions of "pretentious" or "primitive", and being autistic and asocial has at least one benefit in the form of an apparent inability to care about trends or "coolness".

I desperately need to swot up on nerdy things that aren't music. Okay, so music was my first and one true love, but all the anime and cartoon and movie and etc etc know-how round these parts makes me feel inferior. At least I have decent knowledge of video games.