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Tumblestar... or... I... am not good with keeping things short, sweet, or to the point when prompted for an explanation. I consider myself a lazy perfectionist. If I can't get it right on the first try, I might as well not try at all. For this reason, I don't edit pages much for fear of messing things up. In fact, this page is a terrible creation that should be destroyed because it doesn't follow the format of others' pages. In new environments, I'm pretty nice, but chances are I'll get more blunt and unrestricted as we become more familiar.

I like to bake baked goods. I like star motifs. I like drawing. I feel self centered when I start too many sentences with 'I', but that doesn't stop me.

Ellipsis sometimes trail behind everything that I.. type...


     TV shows... 
I'm not much of a fangirl.

     Video games... 
I don't play them much anymore.

What could be in here?

    Tropes that apply to me 

    My Contributions? 
I don't really contribute... I don't like breaking things.

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