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Describe The Real CJ here.

No, I refuse to pander to your... wait, what are you doing? NO, Put down that needle, I... I...

Hello, I am the Real CJ, here to describe myself to you in a non-threatening and above all civil manner. The good people here at TV Tropes have stressed most lavisiously that I must describe myself to you in the afore-mentioned non-threatening and above all civil manner. I am doing this out of my own free will there is not any manner of mind-controling drugs currently corousing through my vascular system and causing me to type run-on sentences in what could best be described as a droning monotone voice if you were to hear me speaking said run-on sentence.

Okay, what can I say. Huge Nerd, Antipodian, late teens. You're most likely to find me editing the most rage-inducing pages, usually about moral guardians, or (god forbid) Americans. I'll be the snarky one. No, not that snarky one, or that one, or that... I'll be just like all the other tropers.

You'll also probably find me venting about my family on some Troper Tales page somewhere. Lousy Traumatic Childhood!

Oh, and I don't like Fanboys, really, really don't like Fanboys.

So, that's it, I should probably list all the shows and tropes that I enjoy listening to, watching, reading, or writing abou- Gaaaah! I'm fighting the neurotoxins, but idon'tknow how lohng I can hold ouAnd I really enjoy watching The Simpsons, to the point of being able to quote on que just about any memorable lihelp me heplmehelpmehelmpe ohgod theyre comign with a gibberneedle ineedheplsendsomeone quick this place isinsaneplease help menooooostay back!3498$#4 don/t idon't like neepod02leswith mind controdrufghsanhd Anyway, that's it for me, have a great TV Tropes day, everyone!