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Tropers: The Gamemaster

Not that guy

What is the deal with arrogant gamers?

Isn't it strange how a guy makes a username clearly showing their confidence? And they're actually nothing like it? Yeah, well, I aim to fix that. The Game Master is taken, people!

Also, I knew what Brooklyn Rage was before the Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series. I knew New Yorkers didn't say Cowabunga. I never see drive-bys or Grand Theft Autos. Nor do I take part in them. My home was never shrunk down to fit in a bottle. Pizza that isn't Brooklyn-Styled? Never heard of it.

Hey, you wanna know how I got my name? Y'see, it's a funny story. I was playing some Megaman X as a wee lad. Man, was Armored Armadillo hard. So fed up with the boss that I made a new game and chose Armored Armadillo right off the bat, and beat him without the leg armor. Completely naked, in a manner of speaking. My brother saw this, and dubbed me The Game Master (I don't think he was thinking of that guy on the right, though). I then set forth to become the best gamer ever. I don't know about it, though, after seeing some speedruns or Japanese playthroughs.

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