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Hi. Um, I suppose I first became aware of this site several years ago. I don't remember when exactly, but I may have made some minor contributions on rare occasions. Possibly even with a different handle. Or not. But anyway, I didn't get big into TV Tropes until say the end of 2011 or early 2012. (Yes, it's just been a month since 2011 and already I can't remember for sure whether my current interest started that far back or not.) But... The site is pretty cool and so I want to add links to various pages here in my reviews and such on my own website. Also when I watch stuff, of course I want to see if there's a chance I think of something to contribute to this site. (Duh.) And on rare occasions, I may make so bold as to start a new page here, if a work doesn't already have one. (I'd also like to start Tropes if I don't see what I'm looking for, but I'm not that bold, as yet.) Anyway, the first new page I've started is I Could Never Be Your Woman. I hope I haven't screwed it up too bad, and I hope other Tropers will think of things to add.

Oh, also. I fancy myself a writer. If the book I've been working on forever (since 1997, actually) gets finished and gets published, I have a big fantasy of coming here and, before the book is released, writing a nice long Word of God-style page full of tropes I've spotted in my own work. (And then after it comes out, stop by now and then to see if anyone's added to the list.)

Let's see, what else was I gonna axe you? Oh yeah: I suck. Also I'm paranoid and stuff. So there will be times I make mistakes, and times I only think I've possibly made mistakes. And times I avoid making contributions for fear they might be mistakes, even if they probably wouldn't. Other times I might make contributions that are some kind of mistake or inappropriate... way of doing something (like putting a YMMV entry on the main page, or something), and be deeply defensive that I had every right to do it the way I did. Everyone else is doing it, dammit! ...But no one's probably going to care anyway, since this isn't bloody Wikipedia. (Which, btw, I love very much in its own way.)

Um... I should try to think of more junk to say about myself, like adding a list of tropes that apply to me. Maybe I'll get to that another time....