Tropers: Tanebi

...You're actually mildly interested in learning about me? I'm kind of shocked...I'm not sure what to say.

...Well, I guess I should start by telling a little bit about myself.

My real name is...classified. My age, location and occupation are...likewise. Sorry; I'm kind of paranoid about giving out info over the Internet. On certain occasions, I feel it's okay, but other times...

My interests, however, are no problem. Anime/manga, books, video games, movies, cartoons; good stuff. :-)

Other stuff? I'm extremely random, if you haven't already guessed. Not to the point of ADHD, but I tend to have a lot of "Oh, that reminds me!" moments that have a very...obscure link. Most of my humor is extremely obscure, as well.

Personal Tropes? Hmm...well, I have a few.

  • Apologises a Lot: And I mean a LOT. Enough to where I've found myself apologising for apologising.
  • Can't Stand Them, Can't Live Without Them: This is essentially my position on Neon Genesis Evangelion. I hate how it slowly stops being fun/funny altogether, how disgusting it gets, and all the meaningless What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?...but I love how it has tons of action, good voice acting, and before they disappear completely, really funny moments. I...really don't know how else to describe it.
  • Fan Fic: Ashamed of the fact that I not only read it (and enjoy most of it, no less), but write a bit as well. That part's on hold, though, as the last time I tried, a worm got my computer and killed all the progress I'd made. What.
  • Homestar Runner: Introduced to it by a friend, now a big fan.
  • Narm Charm: Well, when you watch as much Power Rangers as I did as a kid, you develop a taste for cheesy things.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Discovered the series in 2006 as a side result of being a Devil May Cry fan, and have been happy ever since. ESPECIALLY a fan of the Persona series.
  • Spider-Man: My favorite superhero...until One More Day, that is. I've since found solace in alternate universes and video games ignoring such.
  • Top Ten List: see below
  • Verbal Tic: The aforementioned apologising.

And now! For my top 10 video games! (keep in mind I'm somewhat sheltered, so I haven't played every game ever) This list is tentative and subject to change, with the exception of the first two.

I have my reasons; if I ever get around to it, I'll put them here as soon as I can. ^_^