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Well not much to say I guess... I mean I'm a Christian and was home schooled until I went to collage. I love to play video games WAY more than I should, especially if I want to get a physics degree like I want. Many people think that I am mature when they meet me however they also think I 16 at first!?! Because I look that young they say, it kind of bugs me. Xl But at the same time is really funny. :D Also I found out just a while back that I can actually draw! :D

Loves: God, family, dogs, meat

Likes : Video games "I play them too much :(", Sci-fi, RTS's and RPG's, chess "It been I long time since I had a chess opponent, none of my friends or family play it now, so I'm really rusty.", to use :)'s too much in chats online, and many other things

Dislikes: Many things...

Hates: Nothing and no one. Or at lest that's my goal, you can do what is right, even fight and die, without hating.

If anyone wants to add something feel free to. BTW I think I need some help with my page... you can add stuff, but don't feel obligated to help.

Tropes that are relevant to my personality:

Tropes that are relevant to what I like:
  • Big, Badass Wolf
  • Funny Animal and other anthropomorphic animal type stuff (ONLY CLEAN). However just to make things clear, I am not a furry.... who am I fooling XP

Tropes that are relevant to what I dislike:

I'm right now working on a science fiction story. Tropes that are relevant to my story:
  • Fiction Hardness: it has a level of 2, however it's probably harder than that most of the time.

I cleaned up your page a bit. I hope you won't mind. :) - Keybreak

Oh thanks its been a while since I have been here but thanks. :) - Tachyonwolf