Tropers / Ronka

The common North American Ronka (Ronkaperplexous hattus) is a species of nerd found mainly on the island of Newfoundland, in eastern Canada. This shy, timid creature resides in warm, damp places, such as parents' basements or university libraries, and feeds off of peanut-butter sandwich crumbs and leftover nachos. Ronka can be identified by a tell-tale worn black hat that rests on her head almost constantly, though in most other respects she is identical to other T-shirt wearing nerd species. Ronka enjoys comics, animation, literature, and having a good laugh, particularly at puns and self-referential metatextual humour.

Although the common Ronka generally keeps to herself, recently she has been spotted frequenting a website that discusses the use and abuse of clichés and tropes in various media. Generally preferring to read than create these pages, Ronka nonetheless adds examples, edits for typos, and discusses certain tropes when she gets the chance at it.