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Hello. I am a contributor on TV Tropes, as you can tell. While you're here, you may as well learn a little bit about me. I am a teenage boy, who thinks of real life in trope terms, to avoid being depressed. I try to be optimistic, but it takes effort. I am not a Nice Guy, nor am I a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. I am the opposite of Magnificent Bastard, instead thinking I am. Despite everything, I have some level of humility. I am a fan of the following works:

Long list, I know. I also gave myself my very own speech, as mysterious, definitely-not-ripping-anyone-off I for Identity of the Newlluminati. Oh, yeah, and I may have created four pages:

All of them need much love.

Tropes I have found about myself:

Normally I would be inclined to ignore the ignorance of these infirm idiots, and not involve innocents such as yourselves. However, tonight I feel that like Icarus, they have flown too high, and it is time to clip the imbeciles’ wings. I beg you not to idolize me, for I am simply inquiring upon the ivy of the human impact. I am ionized with might, to improve and inflict upon those who would invite me to their fools’ inquiry. Instead, I implore you to remember the Invasion of Indianapolis, and inform you that it is indeed I, I for Identity. I illuminate that you may understand this. Farewell, all. And understand this message. Cue Smoke Out.