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... it is done, then. That is that. The Robot Master Wars are, at long last, finished. The hero is fallen.

His brothers and sister as well. And very soon, their father will join, silenced by the cowards and ingrates that move to erase the memory of these days and years, to bury the truth forevermore. As they shall try to do to me.

The nihilistic, brutish savior. The ancient redeemer of long past honor. The fool that unleashed all this madness. All dead at the hands of this thing's wrath. It's "mercy". And all to be forgotten, so that this may never happen again.

Even you, Professor Gray. Even YOUR name, YOUR will, shall be undone.

But not I. Not mine. I still stand. And I will exist. I shall persist. I have survived the God of Truth. I will survive the fears of man.

I have born witness to this tragedy. Seen the Beast, cast in steel and curcuit, before my eyes, and stood against it! And yet I stand here still, still alive! I, alone, remain, PERSIST. No, more... I turned back the end of time! With these hands! I exist! That is my right! My DUTY! And no one will, no one can DENY me this! The devil himself could not erase me! But you mortals, you weaklings, you believe you can! Your arrogance is — is...

... let them bury the truth as deeply as they can. Let them destroy this body, tear apart it's mind. Let them teach their children that an unnatural origin begets an false life, a bringer of death. Let them tear away my shelter, my home, the world itself.

I will survive this.

I can wait. I can steer the course of the world from whatever shadow I need. My hands are subtle as they are strong. I will teach them the true path, enlighten them to the real world. I will prove it. If the world rejects me, rejects we children of the atom and metal, then, by my will, and with my own hands, I will create a new world. Where we can exist freely. Where we MUST exist! This is my right, my duty. Where we can stand, unpersecuted. Where I can stand, with my own form, my own name, by my own will!

I will make the world right again. I will make a world that surpassess what has been and will be destroyed.

Here, at the grave of this era and its people, I swear this.

To those who gave your lives and dreams to end this, to protect this world, you have my thanks. And to those whom were swallowed, unaware and helpless, by this nightmare, you've my apologies.

Farewell. Even if no one else will, I WILL remember you.

Nameless, arrogant thing. You, who brought the apocalyspe under the banner of mercy. Albert Wily, whose ignoranace and weakness called out to the darkness, and allowed it manifest. Those fools and cowards who will erase the record of this struggle, it's heroes and villians alike.

And you as well Lucian Gray. You, who I have today, and forever shall, surpass.

Begone. Sink into oblivion.

This body, and this name, will be with you.

When next I stand beneath the open sky, I shall do it as myself, .

Begone, "Ix".