Tropers: Pyon Jun

Hello. I'm Pyon, and I'll be describing myself with tropes.

Vanessa: I woke up at five this morning! That's when Pyon falls asleep!
  • Knight in sour armor
  • {{Mathematician's Answer}}: If annoyed or tired these are guaranteed to happen.
  • No Social Skills: More like "over analyzing social norms to the degree that they get confused by what to do in different situations and therefore wind up as awkward and annoying when they have not planned on what to do on fore-hand".
  • Saying Effects Out Loud
  • Singing Voice Dissonance: I've heard from a few people that I sing with an "american accent". No-one really goes into detail as to which one I resemble.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Known as Pyon Jun, Jun, Pyon, Mecha Meido, Pyo, and Kyary Gyaru Gyaru. Prefers Pyon. Even happens in real life, where my name is Hanne. Doesn't matter if it is a pronounciation problem or pure forgetfullness, I still am known as Hanna/Hannah to some. Hell, people have called me Anne as well. And Julie.
  • Tsundere Type B.
  • Unsound Effect