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Spoiler Toggle Bookmarklet

I've written a bookmarklet that allows you to reveal all the spoilers on a page. The code is based on Anemotaxis's iPhone/iPod spoiler fix bookmarklet.

To use the bookmarklet, first bookmark this link. Then edit it and remove the "" bit from the front of the URL. Finally, open up a page with lots of spoilers (like Better Than It Sounds Anime), and open the bookmark to test it out. Opening the bookmark a second time hides the spoilers again.

You can customize the colors used by changing the "black" (normal text color) and "navy" (link color) at the end of the URL.

I've tested it on Firefox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 6.


Now works in Darth Wiki. [1]
Now also reveals super-secret spoilers. [2]
Original version. [3]