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Born: [DAY REDACTED] / [MONTH REDACTED] / 1995 (crap now people know I'm 18 >___<)

Location: Singapore (S'poreans Represent!)

Current Occupation: Slacking Pre-University Student, awaiting National Conscription (known as National Service here in Singapore)

Internet History: Pachylad was originally pachylad142857, a young lad on the MMORPG Kingdom Of Loathing. As time passed by and he ventured out of the site and its associated message boards, our young lad began journeying into other sites, including TV Tropes right here. He dropped the numbers ('142857') as he used various iterations of the original KoL player username on other sites, from Kongregate to Neopets (latter is currently inactive - those poor Pets :( )

Currently fanboying over:

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    Film - Animated 
[Insert Film - Animated]

    Live-Action TV 
[Insert Live-Action TV]

[Insert Music]

    Video Games 
[Insert Vidya games]

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    Western Animation 
[Insert Western Animation]

Check me out at other sites:

Tumblr page: Here

Series I can help with (REPRESENT)

One Piece - Recap pages in need of work

Breaking Bad - Tweak out some tropes, add Fridge, plan to edit Analysis page (analysis of characters, colour motifs, morality, etc.)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmodt - Tweak out episode recaps, character pages, some YMM Vs

Fresh Off The Boat: see above for UKS

Underground Hip-Hop Artists: LOTS

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