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Hiya. I'm a long time geek and recovering WOW player. My most notable quality is that I don't have strong feelings for very many people. I've encountered maybe a dozen people who I've had any strong reaction, positive or negative. The feeling is mutual. I've tried to parley this into some sort of invisibility with limited success. Ehhh most of the pages have interests:

Video Games:

Final Fantasy 4,6,Tactics and Chrono Trigger.

Mario 1-64

Zelda Link To The Past


Starship Troopers (used to reread annually, stopped)(also, the rest of Heinlein's works)

Dresden Files

Codex Alaria

I read all of Vonnegut and Salinger back in high school, burned through 2-3 Vonnegut books a week for a while (got me called crazy) Lots of other really



Irresponsible Captain Tyler

Western Animation

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Steven Chow


In Bruges

Live Action TV:

Anything with Nathan Fillion

Burn Notice



I also have a strange feeling of deja vu writing all this out. Except in my deja vu, halfway through i deleted it.