Tropers: Mstr Nova X

Hi. Seems egocentric to make my own tropers page but I don't like the red look. I'm Team Blue. Caboose, Church, Tucker, Tex, Wash. All of em.

Without further ado...

State your name, rank and intention.

Mstr Nova X, Captain Charisma, wasting time on TVTropes when I should be doing productive things!

Political Ideology: Libertarian-Democrat(Other stuff is too mainstream) Religious Philosophy: Possibilianism(see above)

Maybe I should put links for those two...but we're on the net anyway. Google ftw!

Shameless self promoting: A number of things can describe me. A Deadpan Snarker, albeit more snark and less deadpan, a member of a Five-Man Band, a fan of many things, a fanboy of a few things and very likely to input tropes and popular culture into random conversations.

A born and raised California surfer dude. Dislocated a knee once when surfing on a trip in Hawaii. Oahu to be specific. North Shore was intense.

Gamertag: Mstr Nova X

Anything else needed, hit me up with a PM. Heck, maybe if you ask in such a PM and my ninja monkeys determine you're not too crazy, I'll give ya my cell number. Or my Facebook. Always enjoy meeting new people.

Quotes I like:

"I am Revan reborn. And before me, you are nothing."

"We're on opposite sides of this thing, and maybe that makes us enemies. But we don't have to hate each other—that's a choice we make ourselves."

"Dead? Not really. As long as people still talk about you, you're not really dead. A legend doesn't die just because the man does."