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Tropers: Mrsaturn
He may be antisocial/ but it's nothing that's reproachful/ it's only natural/ it's only him! The... wizard of Magicland...

Huh. I never really bothered to fill this thing out until recently. Maybe I figured it really does not matter. I mean, It is just a single webpage in a vast ecosystem of a wiki that has much more important things going on.

I have always been a passive observer, anyways. Sometimes, I feel like an observer of other people's stories, but I know this cannot be true. My story just hasn't started yet.

Oh, I try to be an active participant. I go out of my way to be a loudmouth, often opinionated and sometimes wrong. I help people in real life not because I expect a reward, but because that's what I am Supposed To Do.

Sometimes, though, I have a gut feeling that my greatest accomplishment may simply never come, that I will be another dissatisfied cog in the machine. But then I metaphorically slap myself for thinking like a damn dirty hippie, and get back to dreaming big.

Dreaming might not be enough, though.

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